Who Can Receive Assistance?

Any child active to Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) is eligible.

 CIN operates solely with donated funds, it should be considered only after exploring all other available resources. These funds are not to be used for basic needs of the family or child.

The basic rate for a child in foster care is comprised of specific monthly expenditures ranging from room and board to recreation and personal needs. The amounts allocated for these expenses are to be considered before requesting CIN funds.  For example: If a 12-year-old is allocated $61 monthly for recreation.  When this allocation is not sufficient to cover the child's need, CIN funds could be requested.


CIN will authorize payments according to the following factors:

·          Type of Request
·       Guidelines
·       Maximum Payment
·       Generally, the maximum amount of CIN funding per child per          calendar year is $100.  


To apply complete the  

Email completed form to ChildreninNeedSD@gmail.com. For assistance contact your case worker or call (858) 616-5900. 

CIN was established to provide financial support to be used exclusively for enrichment activities for disadvantaged children of San Diego County. Unlike most charitable organizations, 100% of your contribution benefits the children for whom it was intended. Many of these children have been abused and are in foster or group homes.

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