Children In Need Stories


**Last names withheld due to confidentiality.

I wanted to tell you thank you for the help with the kids n activities. The money that was given for the kids has allowed them to be very involved at the YMCA, volleyball, basketball as well as swim lessons. I am unsure how to thank your agency but to say, "Thank you," because without this money my children would not be able to be active. Thank you again so much!

Mark has been in and out of many foster homes. During the shuffles he lost interest in music. While at his current home he was encouraged to take music lessons. He sent us a letter asking for help in purchasing a keyboard. Children In Need was able to purchase a keyboard for him from Target. He sent a letter thanking us for caring enough about him to inspire him to get back to his music.

We received an email and a request from a social worker asking us to help Kathy with a hair treatment. Her hair was damaged from not being taken care of and she did not like leaving the house. We helped pay for the haircut, conditioning and weave. Because of the confidentiality of these requests we cannot show you pictures, but to see the smile appearing on her face as the work progressed is worth so much.

was a 12 year-old boy when I met him in an interview for Medi-Cal three years ago. His mother was in jail and had given guardianship to the mother's friend who was just released from jail. Jason didn't know his father. The guardian had indicated that he had a lot of anger within him and said that he seemed to find trouble as well as trouble finding him. I took the opportunity to refer him to the current community sports teams available for sign ups. I asked him which he would be more interested in whether it was soccer or football. He chose football. The guardian stated that they used Children In Need for the first two yeats to play football. The High School waived his fees this last year. This fall he will be in JV Football. His mother has since been released from jail and is very proud of her son and his accomplishments. She states that he loves football so much that he makes sure that his GPA doesn't go below the required 2.0 so that he can continue playing. Both mother and Jason are very grateful that football changed their lives tremendously and know that Children In Need helped them in a way that no other assistance available within the county could.

Alexis was a little 9 year-old girl, on life support and bedridden on an electric bed. She must have a nurse with her at all times. She's on SSI and I met her when she and her mother came for a visit to the HHSA office to request a re placement Medi-Cal card. She was nine when I referred her mothe to the Pop Warner Cheerleading program for her daughter. The mother stated that she couldn't afford the fees due to the fact that she had to stay home with her daughter and IHSS only paid part/time wages at minimum wage. I referred her to Children In Need. The mother was ecstatic that Pop Warner would allow her daughter to participate on the cheer squad, even though she was on life support, and that she could get assistance for her daughter to participate in youth sports. During last year's competition at Cox Arena, Alexis received a standing ovation by the public for her remarkable determination to be a cheerleader. She's back again this year and her mother is now a coach on her daughter's team.

Richard was an 11 year-old boy who was placed with his grandmother due to abuse. His grandmother wanted him to play football, but could not afford to pay the fees. I referred her to Children In Need. The child was so pleased that he volunteered during Ramona's Rodeo last year to help park cars since Ramona Pop Warner accepted the $50.00 that he would have earned as payment in full. During his volunteer time, some of the San Diego Chargers were coming in for a signing event and were told about Richard's eagerness to play football. They stopped traffic to give him an autographed picture and allowed us to video tape Richard and the Chargers. Richard and Grandma called me to tell me that if Children In need had not been there to help, this event would not have ever happened.

Some of the activities we helped with in the past year:
Pop Warner: Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf
Self Defense Classes
5th and 6th Grade Bootcamp
Dance lessons - Cotillion Classes
Dress and Suit for the Homecoming Dance
ASB Cards and Yearbooks